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Easy Installation Dual Clothing Line


Materials: PVC,TPR PP, Aluminum Wire

Size: 16*9.2*18cm

Line length: 13mx2

Colour: Grey (Customizable)

Packaging: Carton

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Overview of 26m Washing Line - Indoor Outdoor Retractable Clothesline

Versatile Dual Line Feature: Our Double Retractable Clothesline provides two lines for double the drying capacity, ideal for handling larger laundry loads and efficient drying of garments, whether indoors or outdoors.

Simple Installation and Operation: Mount this sturdy retractable double line swiftly. Extend each line to your preferred length using the lock button, and retract easily after use to save space and maintain a neat appearance.

Space-Efficient Design: With retractability in mind, this clothesline can be discreetly stored when not in use, offering a tidy and uncluttered space, perfect for homes with limited space.

Premium Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials for durability, this clothesline is robust, long-lasting, and resistant to rust. Its enclosed outer case, constructed from heat and crack-resistant plastic, safeguards the lines and ensures longevity.

Travel-Friendly: Lightweight and fully assembled, this clothesline is travel-ready and ideal for on-the-go use. It offers a dependable and convenient solution for drying clothes wherever you may be.

Key Benefits of Double Retractalbe Clothesline

Introducing the Double Retractable Clothesline – an excellent solution for efficiently and conveniently drying your laundry, whether indoors or outdoors. This innovative clothesline is equipped with a dual line system, offering ample space for larger loads of laundry, perfect for families or individuals with extensive drying requirements.

Installation is quick and easy – simply mount the unit within seconds and adjust each rope to your desired length using the user-friendly lock button. When not in use, the lines retract into a stylish, heat and crack-resistant plastic case, saving space and ensuring long-term protection for the lines.

Whether you're at home or traveling, this clothesline is designed to cater to your laundry drying needs. Its robust, durable, and rust-resistant build guarantees durability against various conditions, providing dependable performance wherever it is utilized.

The Double Retractable Clothesline not only serves a functional purpose but also boasts an aesthetic design. The sleek protective case complements any environment, making it a practical and stylish addition to your home or travel essentials.

Keywords of Wall Mount Double Retractable Clothesline

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Detail of EISHO Double Retractable Clothesline (13m*2)

MaterialsPVC,TPR PP, Aluminum Wire
SizeLength: 13M*2

Ordering & Service of EISHO Retractable Lightweight Clothesline

MOQ2000 Packs
Sampling7-10 days

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