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Non-Slip Plastic Hangers

SKU: ESPH-2304

Materials: ABS Plastic+Chromed Hook

Size: 44.5*0.5*23cm

Colour: White (Customizable)

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Key Features

Smooth ABS Plastic Construction: Our Non-Slip Plastic Hangers feature a smooth ABS plastic construction that allows clothes to glide on and off easily. Unlike traditional hangers, these hangers offer a sleek and durable design that ensures hassle-free handling of your garments.

Space-Saving Design: With the same thickness as flocked hangers, our plastic hangers offer a space-saving solution for your closet. Their slim profile maximizes closet space, allowing you to organize your wardrobe more efficiently.

Versatile Usage: These hangers are versatile and suitable for a wide range of garments, including blouses, shirts, pants, skirts, suits, jackets, and more. Whether you're organizing your work attire or casual wear, these hangers provide reliable support for various clothing items.

Nonslip Notches and Curved Shoulders: Each hanger is equipped with nonslip notches and curved shoulders to keep clothes securely in place. Say goodbye to clothes slipping off hangers or getting wrinkled due to improper storage.

Customizable Options: Our plastic hangers are customizable in terms of colors, sizes, materials, and more. Whether you prefer a specific color to match your closet decor or need hangers in different sizes to accommodate various garments, we offer customizable options to meet your needs.

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Product Description

Upgrade your closet organization with our Non-Slip Plastic Hangers, designed to provide convenience, versatility, and durability. Crafted from smooth ABS plastic, these hangers offer a sleek and modern alternative to traditional hangers.

The space-saving design of these hangers ensures efficient use of closet space, allowing you to maximize storage without overcrowding. Their versatile usage makes them suitable for organizing a wide range of garments, from shirts and blouses to pants and skirts.

Featuring nonslip notches and curved shoulders, these hangers keep clothes securely in place, preventing them from slipping or sliding off. Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions and wrinkled clothing with our reliable and functional hangers.

With customizable options available, you can choose the colors, sizes, and materials that best suit your preferences and needs. Whether you're organizing your own wardrobe or stocking up for a retail store, our plastic hangers offer the flexibility and convenience you're looking for.

Elevate your closet organization with our Non-Slip Plastic Hangers and enjoy a clutter-free and well-organized wardrobe.


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Product Details of Non-Slip Plastic Hanger

MaterialsABS Plastic+Chromed Hook
ColourWhite (Customizable)

Ordering & Service

Sampling7-10 days
Payment TermT/T
Shipping PortNingbo

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