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Over Door Clothes Drying Rack


Materials: Bamboo+Iron

Size: 45*30*40cm

Colour: Wood + Black

Packaging: 1pc/brown box

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Overview of EISHO Over Door Clothes Drying Rack

Versatile Indoor Use: Ingeniously designed for space-saving and convenience, this over-the-door clothes airer is perfect for efficiently drying your laundry indoors. Its design optimizes air flow for quicker drying times, making it an essential for compact living spaces.

Mobility and Storage Convenience: Crafted to be lightweight yet robust, this drying rack can be easily hung over any standard door, transforming unused space into a practical drying area. When not needed, it folds flat, promoting a tidy and clutter-free environment.

High-Quality Sturdy Construction: Combining the natural beauty of bamboo with the durability of iron, this clothes airer offers a stable platform for drying a variety of items, from delicates to heavier pieces like towels and jeans, without the worry of it collapsing.

Product Description of  EISHO Over Door Clothes Drying Rack

Introducing the Over Door Bamboo and Iron Clothes Drying Rack into your home for a smart, space-saving solution to your laundry drying needs. This innovative airer blends sustainable bamboo with sturdy iron, offering the perfect combination of style and function. Designed to hang conveniently over any door, it features wings for laying clothes flat, enhancing airflow for efficient drying. Additionally, four hooks provide extra hanging space for various items, making it a versatile addition to any home. Ideal for those with limited space or anyone looking to optimize their laundry routine, this drying rack folds away for easy storage, ensuring your living area remains organized and spacious.

Keywords of Over Door Clothes Drying Rack

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Detail of EISHO Over Door Clothes Drying Rack

Max Loading Weight2.5kg/pc
Drying Space45x38x3.5cm
Colour OptionsBlack + Natural
Packing1pc/brown box

Ordering & Service of Over Door Clothes Drying Rack

Sampling7-10 days

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